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1 Step 2 Minutes 7 Skin Benefits

Our hero at-home beauty device LumiSpa® iO

is a dual-action skin care system that delivers skin renewal and

cleansing in a single treatment. You can customize cleansing part and

duration to fit individual skin care needs.

Unique Skin Care System

LumiSpa iO is not only an ordinary cleansing device

but also an innovative skin care system

equipped with unique technology. With Micropulse Oscillation Technology,

pore-tightening action and treatment head that

moves at precise frequency, it helps support healthy skin proteins,

as well as bringing you with skin renewal and cleansing treatment in one single step.

Skin Renewal

Remove dead skin cells while help support healthy skin proteins, to improve skin brightness and smoothness, also increase the appearance of skin volume and density


Remove daily dirt, oil and makeup, while clean and minimize pores with precise frequency.

Match For Tailor Experience

LumiSpa Treatment Cleanser

  • Maximize skin perfecting and cleansing benefits for a healthy, bright and youthful looking skin

  • 5 formulas designed for different skin types: dry, normal/combo, oily, sensitive and acne skin

  • Infused with ageLOC® blend to target visible signs of aging for youthful look

  • Low foam formula gently cleanse skin while retain skin’s natural moisture balance

  • LumiSpa iO Treatment Head

  • Sophisticated designed treatment heads gently massage and de-stress the skin

  • Soft, silicone heads embedded with anti-microbial silver which is more hygienic

  • RFID sensor allows automatic treatment head identification and replacement reminder

  • Easy to install, replace and clean without leaving any dirt

  • Proven Benefits in Just 1 Week

    Experiment proven that users could feel the benefits after used for a week, and skin becomes softer and brighter after consistently used for 12 weeks.

    Indulge yourself with LumiSpa iO every morning and night,

    pamper your skin with Galvanic Spa®* every week,

    let them do the work to refine your facial contours

    and stay youthful from within.


    Can I use LumiSpa® iO during shower?

    Yes, LumiSpa® iO is waterproof and can be used in wet environment. However, the charging base cannot be exposed to water.

    Do I need to use LumiSpa® Treatment Cleanser while I am using LumiSpa® iO? Or can I use other cleansers instead?

    LumiSpa® treatment cleanser was dedicated for LumiSpa® iO. It is the only proven cleanser that could be used with LumiSpa. It provides precise cushioning, cleansing and also interacts with skin to deliver a more effective treatment.

    How often do I need to replace the treatment head?

    We recommend replacing your treatment head every 2 – 3 months to ensure optimal results.