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Weight ballooning as we age?

Aging is a normal, but sad process.

Weight ballooning can affect self-esteem.

Rebound depression sets in when the novelty of new love wears off.

Slow physical changes cannot be ignored.

Clothes cannot fit in, and it is no longer easy to shop.

No life partner can lead to loneliness.


Our weight management program has been scientifically and clinically proven and is also featured in Discovery Channel.

We have thousands of success testimonials and is ranked Number 1 in SouthEast Asia, mainly in Singapore & Malaysia


Our weight management program are proven safe and effective.

You can rest assured we also use the program ourselves and thousands of happy customers are a testimony that our products are effective.


Our SMART weight management program is easy to follow. No need to starve, no need for rigorous exercise and no need for complicated diet. SIMPLE AND EASY.


Our program is tailored to help our clients get their desired results and customised to their needs.

Unlike traditional weight management solutions that breaks the bank, we provide a way that is light on the wallet.

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Meet Ferlyn

I am a Wellness and Weight Management Consultant. I have helped people from all walks of life to manage their weight and regain their look and health. I have also held over 100 free live conventions. In my 14 years as a wellness consultant, I have provided professional consultation sessions to help people from different backgrounds to find the most suitable program that have benefited themselves and their families. My team and I have helped more than 10,000 people to get back their shape and regain their health.  

My wish is to help a person everyday. You could be the next. Just click the button and I will see you inside.

  • If you're worried about losing weight, you're not alone. Find out how to slow age-related muscle loss and what foods to cut off your diet in order to maintain a healthy weight.

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    Book a time slot with our Consultants for FREE consultation


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