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Hi! My name is Ferlyn Kwang.

I am a business coach and a Social Commerce Entrepreneur with more than 15 years of experience building a successful business!

If you’d like to get your hands on proven ways and unique methods to use the internet to recruit and grow your team, you are in the right place!

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What people are saying

To say Ferlyn is one of the best coaches in affiliate marketing is an understatement. Ferlyn never fail to wow you with her charisma and business acumen, and top that up with her super pleasant personality, and you have a perfect combination of someone that can connect with you instantly! If you are looking for a great coach, she is the one to look for !

Ong Gee, Singapore

I first met Ferlyn Kwang in 2018 and she has indeed inspired me with her great personality. She is very down to earth, positive , bubbly and show loads of compassion as a leader. Back in her financial planning days, she is focus and driven being the Malaysia Top 1% agent.

She has sharp vision about this business and truly experienced in leading a team of successful leaders. She constantly show humility to learn from others as well. As a leader, she inspires me to Dream more, Learn more , Do more and Become more ❤️

A mentor who empowers me to see a possible future and belief it can be done.

She not only has great success herself but able to lead others to road of success too. Thank you Ferlyn for your friendship & mentorship.

Joyce Ong, Malaysia

Are you constantly trying to find the perfect balance between work and life? Do you find yourself juggling numerous tasks on a daily basis? Are you exhausted from trying to keep 1.7 million things in motion at the same time?

It’s time to regain control over your life.


What we know now is that the 'E" in E-Commerce doesn't stand for EASY

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